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Who Lives The Co-living Lifestyle?

CoLiving is an emerging type of residential rental model best suited for large cities with 1 million+ residents.  It`s best suited for people sharing a common purpose or similar lifestyle with shared interests and activities.  This may simply be coming together for activities such as meals and discussion in the common living areas.  It can also extend to shared workspace and collective endeavours such as living more sustainably.  CoLiving provides shared housing for these people with various shared facilities plus private areas.  

In this article we`ll focus on one of the types of people best suited to CoLiving: the Nomadic Worker.

The Nomadic Worker

The internet and technology in general has provided working professionals with an unprecedented ability for working on their own terms.  With a cell phone, laptop and a reliable internet connection people now have the ability to work from anywhere where all of their technology works properly.  

One American Millennial has taken the nomadic lifestyle to the extreme and even built a business based on it.  Hubspot Academy professor Justin Champion and his wife Ariele decided to sell their home and launched out for a long term cross country trek across America in their Ford F250 Super Duty truck with their trailer as their mobile home.  In two years they travelled over 40,000 miles across the United States and visited 25 national parks.  Amazingly, all the while Justin worked full time at HubSpot remotely as a Content Marketing professional while travelling.  Justin even launched a side hustle with his company Wild We Wander where he sells an inexpensive guide to living the nomadic lifestyle.   

Digital Nomad Justin Champion Living The Life

Yet most nomadic workers don`t want to live in a trailer on the road like Justin Champion and his wife do.  Many want premium, fully furnished and fully maintained accommodations.  They want to live in a fixed location in any city they choose, sometimes for less than a year but sometimes much longer if they fall in love with the city.  They are typically Millennials aged 25-40, single, male or female, and with no children or pets.  These nomads have a true passion for travel and indulge in it far more than people in the 9-5 world by living in various cities for months at a time rather than settling for the typical 1-3 week tourist type vacations most of us get.  Some nomadic workers are young snowbirds, escaping their home city`s harsh winters by living in large, warmer American cities like Miami or Los Angeles for 4-6 months of the year before returning home for the summer.  For the next year`s winter they will sometimes choose a different city to live in, and sometimes in a different country than the previous year.  

Some nomadic workers work full time for a single employer such as Justin Champion.  But others have their own full time online based business or do full-time freelance work for various employers.  For instance, some of these nomads are Digital Nomads who have created a sustainable full-time business online selling products or services with organic media (eg. blogging, Ebay).  Some Digital Nomads work as full-time Affiliate Marketers utilizing paid media advertising such as Facebook or Google ads for selling other businesses products such as Ebooks for a commission (eg. Clickbank affiliates).  Many of them make great money doing this and can therefore afford to live in fully furnished and fully maintained CoLiving spaces with their fellow nomadic workers and other kindred spirits.  

If you`re interested in living the nomadic lifestyle and living in one of Sociable Living`s properties in Toronto, fill out the form below.   Also, check out Sociable Living`s new 3 minute video for more on the amazing benefits of the CoLiving lifestyle.

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