What is Coliving?

Convenient and Fullfilling Lifestyle

Coliving is a way of living focused on a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to create a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

Coliving is an emerging trend in housing that enriches the living experience through community engagement, allowing residents to cultivate meaningful relationships and experiences at home.

The coliving concept reflects the shifting value system of today’s renters – values that embrace the quality of relationships and experiences over the quantity of square footage.

Sociable Living Convenient and Fullfilling Lifestyle

Community Included

Residents who play together, stay together.

That’s why Sociable offers opportunities to meet your neighbours while participating in events curated by a dedicated community manager. From social mixers and guest lectures to weekend brunch and sunset yoga.

Sociable residents are invited to enjoy an exciting array of both in- and out-of-building experiences, everything from gatherings catered by up-and-coming local chefs, talks held by thought-leaders with expertise across a wide range of fields, and sunset yoga sessions, to day trips, like tubing in the summer or skiing in the winter; volunteer opportunities in the wider community; and even group vacations. Sociable offers something for everyone.

Sociable Living Community Included

Convenience Included

Sociable residents enjoy complimentary hotel-style conveniences, like high-speed wifi, access to premium television programming, a weekly tidy, monthly housekeeping, and a dedicated social club membership.

Sociable Living Convenience Included

Comfort Included

Thoughtfully-designed, unencumbered spaces are move-in ready, complete with modern, transforming furnishings – just bring yourself.

Sociable Living Comfort Included

Premium Living

Bedroom Privacy Every guest has a private bedroom furnished with a nightstand lamp and luxurious Casper bed.

Hotel-Style Housekeeping Every Sociable residence receives a weekly clean, including fresh linens, towels, and a regular replenishment of bath amenities.

Premium WiFi & Television Hidden living expenses? That’s one drama you can live without. All Sociable units come equipped with high-speed wifi and premium television programming.

Move-in ready No assembly required! Sociable’s apartments come fully furnished with high end transformable systems that put the “fun” in “functionality.”

Basic supplies & Property Services Move in with all basic toiletries, linens, towels, pots, pans, olive oil and such and count on 24/7 seamless operation and maintenance.

Quiet & Efficient Appliances Residences are equipped with versatile Samsung dishwashers, laundry, and ranges.

Affordable Luxury All inclusive, hotel-style living at a discount to other full service luxury apartments.

Smart Home Technology Live smarter, not harder. Sociable’s smart home technology simplifies your life and amplifies your living, from smart TVs and thermostats to RFID-enabled locks and Bluetooth compatible lighting and sound.

Freedom to Lease If you’re ready to transfer to another residence or home within Toronto or another city.


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