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Weston has come very far since the 1790s, especially when it comes to transportation. Found at Weston Road south of Lawrence, the GO Station is conveniently located to help commuters reach a destination beyond Toronto’s borders. In addition, the UP Express was launched in 2015 to connect downtown residents from Union Station, Bloor Street, and Weston to Toronto Pearson International Airport in 15 minutes.

The train is incredibly modern, with free Wi-Fi, up-to-the-minute flight information, charging stations for all devices, and plenty of storage space for commuters. North America’s first dedicated air-rail link, offering a 25-minute journey from end to end, departing in snow or shine with no traffic gridlock, makes this an incredible advantage for those who live in the Weston neighborhood. With these modern amenities, in addition to access for the Bloor-Danforth TTC Line and the much anticipated Eglinton Crosstown Connector, it has never been easier to get around in Toronto with Weston as your base.

The neighbourhoods cultural hub, Artscape Weston Commons, opened in 2019 to provide “a vibrant, inviting gathering place for people to come together to create, learn, experience local art, performance, and cultural programs and events and celebrate community.”. As Artscape chief operating officer LoriAnn Girvan told, “We think Weston is a model, a catalyst and inspiration for how we should be building in our city. We’re so excited about this project.

I think Weston is a bell-ringer for really good urban development.”. In addition to Artscape, several locally owned businesses have chosen to call Weston their home. Black Cat Espresso Bar and the new El Almacén Café have both chosen to open their second locations in Weston due to the area’s rich arts and culture scene. Along with many others, these businesses are drawn to the young families and community vibes that are continually growing throughout Weston.

Despite the changing landscape of Weston, there is still a multitude of parks, bike paths, walkways, and even the Weston Golf and Country Club. The largest park in the area, Lions Park, overlooks the Humber River and includes four tennis courts, two baseball diamonds, two swimming pools, a children’s playground, a prime tobogganing hill, and a snack bar.

Avid bike riders and nature seekers frequent Weston for its scenic river views, old-world charm, and community atmosphere. With a shrinking number of green spaces in the city, Westons’ commitment to outdoor accessibility sets it apart.

Coliving in Weston makes perfect sense. Catering to those who seek more than what is typically available in the city, Sociable Living’s new Creekbank Drive newest townhomes provide community access to nature and public transportation, an easy commute, and the chance to become part of the revitalization of one of Toronto’s most historic neighbourhoods.

The development happening in Weston is moving fast, and Sociable Living is pleased to be bringing more luxury coliving townhomes to the area soon. This historic area of Toronto is clearly on the rise, and Sociable Living is delighted to be a part of the next chapter of Weston’s history.


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