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Meeting Bonding With New People in Todays World

At Sociable Living we believe we’ve discovered why so many urban people feel disconnected these days.  Our research indicates it takes 50 hours for a stranger to become a casual friend and 200 more hours for that acquaintance to become a close friend. In an increasingly busy and isolated world, making casual friends should be simple.  It all came naturally to us when we were kids, yet somehow we lose our friend making capabilities as we age. The reality is that most adults have few ways of developing new friendships outside of work, family and personal interests. People who recently immigrated to Canada for work who know no one locally outside work are especially prone to feeling disconnected and alone.

That’s where CoLiving comes in.  Our unique matchmaking process gives people ample time plus comfortable spaces for connecting with one another.  One of the main ways we do this are our weekly Wine and Cheese Parties hosted in our tenant’s CoLiving homes.  These events allow our current tenants to develop casual acquaintances into close friendships while giving prospective tenants interested in CoLiving the opportunity to meet and start getting to know one another.  Our goal is having you live with the people you’ve connected with the most at our events.  That’s CoLiving at its finest!

“We want to create happiness and a sense of community,” said Roman Bodnarchuk, CEO of Sociable Living. “Your 20s and 30s can be one of the loneliest times of your life. With our unique living arrangements, we emphasize allowing our members to live a full life, instead of being impeded by social isolation. We bring people together to find their tribe, not just a roommate.”

Sociable Living provides an ideal living arrangement for people who are new to the city. The all-in-one bill includes all amenities and furnishings, as well as cleaning and basic supplies. Tenant matchmaking is done through personality testing we give each CoLiving applicant.  This test matches you with other CoLiving tenants who have common interests, goals and living styles for maximizing living compatibility.

“Sociable Living has changed my life,” said Mark McNabb, a Producer and Sociable Living resident, “Because of it, I have met more people in two weeks than I would in two years.” Through co-living, everyday tasks become a chance to spend time and connect with others, allowing friendships to flourish in a natural setting.

If you’d like to get invited to our regular Wine and Cheese Party events and meet potential CoLiving companions, plus learn more about CoLiving, please fill out the below form.

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