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Get a Better Social Life With Coliving

In today’s society our lives have become highly involved with technology in general like never before. So-called “social” media is a completely new phenomenon occurring in the past 15 years. We live out so much of our lives on these sites today, especially with our cell phones. We find these sites addictive because they’re incredibly effective at giving us exactly the experiences we want, whenever we want them, and from anywhere.

Yet the great irony of Social Media is it’s made many of us feel alone. More so than ever.  Technology has contributed greatly toward making us anti-social, whether we realize it or not.  This has brought on a slew of detrimental effects: depression, anxiety, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have become increasingly pervasive, especially in the younger generation. One study even associated screen time with the reduction of important social qualities such as empathy and altruism.

Technology has never been and never will be a substitute for strong social relationships.  A better social life is one of the key benefits of Sociable Living’s CoLiving spaces.

Get Your Social Life Back – Start CoLiving

What people need today is a sense of real community. For most adults their community is dominated by people from their career they work with each weekday, their friends and their immediate family.  But many people want a community of like minded people they have chosen to spend time with. People who share the same interests and passions. People who have a similar background they can identify with.

Sociable Living’s mission is matching you up with compatible roommates in every sense of the word.  We don’t just provide roommates – we provide new friends – people you actually want to hang out with, not just live with!    Our CoLiving homes connect you with other friendly, outgoing people as well with our amazing social events exclusively for our CoLiving tenants.  All in a fully furnished, maintenance and hassle-free home.

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