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Think city living has to be expensive? With rent prices sky-high in urban centers like New York and Toronto , urban life might simply feel out of reach. But here’s the good news: Thanks to Sociable Living, it’s affordable, seamless, and stress-free to find beautiful shared living spaces in the most exciting cities. It’s called coliving. Here’s how it works.

What is Coliving?

Coliving is a modern form of communal living in which residents get a private bedroom in a furnished home with shared common areas. Coliving is popular in major cities as a means of affordable living for students, workers, digital nomads, or individuals relocating. Unlike traditional apartments, coliving is attractive to tenants due to affordability, flexibility, included amenities, and a sense of community.

In the context of the urban housing crisis and developers in the real estate market, shared housing is one of the best and most direct means to achieve optimal density, affordable housing, and an urban community in areas such as New York and Toronto

In today’s sharing economy, young people — millennials, especially — have embraced the concept of sharing rides, experiences, a coworking space, and now homes. Coliving simply makes this more accessible and convenient in major cities.

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