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Discovering the lovely parklands in the Riverside neighbourhood

At Riverside Home, the wilderness is right outside your door. One of the finest assets this community has to offer potential homebuyers is the ravine setting of Riverside Home. After all, the chance to live in a house surrounded by tranquil forest and greenery in the centre of Toronto is very uncommon. The natural beauty that you can experience all around you while you live here, nevertheless, really only begins here. You’ll discover a world of wonder and beauty everywhere you look if you take a closer look at some of the local parks.


On the west bank of the neighbouring Humber River are stunning historic estate residences known as James Gardens. Spectacular flower gardens, terraced gardens, spring-fed lakes and streams, and attractive woodlots with old trees can all be found here. The historic James Gazebo is the ideal location to take a break and relax while reading a book or sipping tea. In addition, the park offers lawn bowling, cross-country skiing, and a beautiful vista of Toronto’s downtown and Humber Valley.


The Centennial Park Conservatory is just a short drive west of Riverside if you’re looking to get outside during the cooler months of the year. More than 200 different types of tropical plants, including palms, crotons, hibiscus, and orchids, are kept in bloom year-round at this huge greenhouse facility. In addition, there is a lovely variety of cacti, as well as native plants and shrubs. Even a variety of fauna, such as birds, turtles, and goldfish, call the area home.


This distinctive piece of Canadian history honours Canadians of Ukrainian descent who served in the armed forces. The park’s central Humber River runs through it, and there is a vast trail network that you can explore for hours on end. It’s ideal for cycling, hiking, and picnics. Kids can play on the playground as well.

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