Coliving Offers Highly Compatible Roommates

With Toronto’s rents skyrocketing, upto 88% of Toronto’s millennials can’t afford their own apartment, especially in downtown Toronto. So those who can afford to move from home are forced to seek options for living with other people. Yet trusted friends and family are often not available for moving in together when you want to move. So these people need a solution for finding compatible roommates, plus having a clean space to call home.

This shared living arrangement is known today as CoLiving. CoLiving isn’t a new thing. Communal living has always been a solution to common problems like rapid urbanisation, loneliness, high living cost and renting’s growing popularity.

Considering Living With Complete Strangers? Good Luck!

Millennials who can`t get someone they know to live with wind up going to Roommate websites, meeting potential roommates they don’t know, and then leasing either subletting rooms from strangers or leasing an apartment and seeking strangers to sublet to. Sometimes it works out, but it can easily go bad.

Really bad.

Everything can look good on the surface when meeting a new potential roommate you don`t know, but it`s just like a job interview – people put their best foot forward and often hide the less desirable aspects of their lives. Without good tenant screening the problems start after you move in with a stranger. What if you have incompatible personalities, lifestyles or living standards and can’t stand your roommates? What if they`re dishonest and lie to you or even steal your possessions?

Just as bad are housemates with substance addiction issues. There`s nothing worse than living with an alcoholic who likes to invite their fast friends they just met at a bar over to party late at night. Such people typically have low self esteem and therefore care little for the quality of their environment. Get stuck with an alcoholic housemate and you can expect lots of dirty dishes in the sink, forgotten food in the fridge, late bill payments, zero contribution to house cleaning, mood swings, and other problems.

Even worse is when you sublet a room to a stranger and they stop paying rent. If your name is on the lease, YOU are responsible to the landlord for paying the full rent, even if your housemate doesn`t! Ontario’s Landlord-Tenant laws are very lenient towards tenants, meaning you could be stuck with a non-paying roommate for 6 months or more … and there’s nothing you can do about it in the short term. Imagine how tense things could get in such a situation.

Not having properly screen roommates can become an absolute nightmare, both mentally and financially. Sociable Living solves all roommate issues by matching you with qualified, highly compatible tenants with each other for optimal CoLiving conditions. We also offer fun social events exclusively for our CoLiving tenants plus 100% maintenance free living. We offer:

  • Tenant Systems, services and culture.
  • Sophisticated resident selection process.
  • Uniquely branded and themed residences.
  • A community-building methodology.
  • Furnished common areas and kitchen.
  • Collective decision making tools.
  • Plug & play property management.

Interested in living in one of our CoLiving homes in Toronto? Fill out the form below to find out about our CoLiving properties currently available.

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