Who Lives The Co-living Lifestyle?

CoLiving is an emerging type of residential rental model best suited for large cities with 1 million+ residents.  It`s best suited for people sharing a common purpose or similar lifestyle with shared interests and activities.  This may simply be coming together for activities such as meals and discussion in the common living areas.  It can […]

What’s Toronto Canada’s Lifestyle All About?

We recently did a poll of a Facebook-based Digital Nomads group.  We wanted to know the 3 most important factors for these people in deciding where their next living destination would be on their nomadic journey.  Their top 5 choices were (in order):  1) Local Climate & Weather2) Cost Of Living & Overall Affordability3) Internet Access4) Local […]

Top 6 Reason To Stay in River Park

With the world recovering from the current pandemic, people all around the world are packing bags to enjoy the outdoors and bathe in the sun. This has caused the pricing of hotels and resorts to jack up their prices, causing you to rethink the vacation that you have been planning. RIVER PARK is offering you the same […]

Time To Invest in Coliving?

Sociable Living is accelerating the world’s biggest urban cities transition to sustainable living starting in Toronto. We design, build, rent and service the world’s finest CoLiving residences using the latest technology and methodology providing customers the opportunity to live in luxurious homes entirely mortgage free with like minded people, sustainably. Sociable Living is committed to […]

The Future of Homes: Tiny houses, Co-living and sustainability

The future of real estate is millennials. As millennials outnumber baby boomers this year, becoming the largest adult population in the U.S., their real estate decisions are going to start dramatically impacting the business. A primary concern that is driving millennial decisions is the environment, which has been impacting many businesses, not just real estate. In […]

The Damaging Effects of Commuting

How would you feel if your job asked you to take a 19% pay cut? Not great, I bet. Researchers in England found that adding 20 minutes onto your commute per day has the same negative effect on job satisfaction as a 19% pay cut. And since a 19% pay cut could be a pretty big […]

Roommate Living Done Right in Coral Gables

Florida is one of those states in America that will give you a significanthousing nightmare. The state is at the heart of the United State’s mostprestigious East Coast and boasts of a serene coastal environment. Youwant to consider all factors before getting a house here as the cost ofliving may be the proverbial elephant in […]

Move Into Our First CoLiving Property In Toronto!

Welcome to Sociable Living’s first CoLiving property in Toronto! This brand new and fully renovated unit is located at 8 Sousa Mendes Street in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood in Toronto’s west end. Enjoy this brand new spacious Spacious 1830 Square Ft. 2 floor townhome with open concept layout with plenty of natural light, large windows […]

Meeting Bonding With New People in Todays World

At Sociable Living we believe we’ve discovered why so many urban people feel disconnected these days.  Our research indicates it takes 50 hours for a stranger to become a casual friend and 200 more hours for that acquaintance to become a close friend. In an increasingly busy and isolated world, making casual friends should be […]

Have Seller’s Remorse? Many Toronto Real Estate Developers Do Nowadays

There’s an old saying in real estate investing: “you don’t make money when you sell property, you make money when you buy it”.  This adage is even more true for real estate developers. When launching new townhome and condo projects in Toronto/GTA, Residential Real Estate Developers typically sell all units to investors and end users and […]