The New Age Of Co-Living

  Historically, humans have lived collectively and communally for generations. However, in recent years, society has shifted towards solitary living situations, which is having a deeply negative impact on our collective mental health. In addition to living alone; higher rates of divorce, remote working, dependence on technology, and escalating urbanization, are all additional factors to […]

New Modern Luxury Coliving Townhome

Weston has come very far since the 1790s, especially when it comes to transportation. Found at Weston Road south of Lawrence, the GO Station is conveniently located to help commuters reach a destination beyond Toronto’s borders. In addition, the UP Express was launched in 2015 to connect downtown residents from Union Station, Bloor Street, and […]

Experience the Co-Living lifestyle

Think city living has to be expensive? With rent prices sky-high in urban centers like New York and Toronto , urban life might simply feel out of reach. But here’s the good news: Thanks to Sociable Living, it’s affordable, seamless, and stress-free to find beautiful shared living spaces in the most exciting cities. It’s called […]

Top 10 Things You’ll Want to Know About Coliving 

With the rise in housing prices and the skyrocketing cost of rent, young professionals are looking for new and less solitary ways to find housing in big cities. Especially in the age of digital nomads and remote work, coliving offers an affordable and convenient way for anyone to live in major urban hubs like New […]

Top differences between Co-living and traditional renting

If you’re moving to a new city for the first time, or just looking for new housing as your current lease ends, you’ve probably spent a lot of time weighing your options. And if you’ve landed on this page, then you’re probably wondering: what’s the difference between living Co-living and traditional rentals? Read on to learn more. […]

Discovering the lovely parklands in the Riverside neighbourhood

At Riverside Home, the wilderness is right outside your door. One of the finest assets this community has to offer potential homebuyers is the ravine setting of Riverside Home. After all, the chance to live in a house surrounded by tranquil forest and greenery in the centre of Toronto is very uncommon. The natural beauty […]


Riverside has opportunity waiting for you! Your future home at Riverside is close to a variety of amazing institutions that are guaranteed to put you on the road to success, whether you’re just starting your post-secondary journey, upgrading your résumé, or changing careers. YORK UNIVERSITY In addition to becoming one of the top 10 universities […]


Everyone agrees that finding time to go to the gym three times a week can be incredibly challenging. If you live in a Riverside home, you are never more than a 15-minute drive from some of the city’s best and trendiest fitness hotspots, which makes it feel especially demotivating when you scroll through your Instagram […]

Top 5 Free activities for kids to do near Riverside

Even though kids school is out for the summer, parents all across the country have been actively researching entertaining activities to do in their neighbourhood to keep their little ones occupied. Fortunately for you, planning a summer vacation for your kids that they’ll be talking about in September won’t be an issue when you live […]

What’s Toronto Canada’s Lifestyle All About?

We recently did a poll of a Facebook-based Digital Nomads group.  We wanted to know the 3 most important factors for these people in deciding where their next living destination would be on their nomadic journey.  Their top 5 choices were (in order):  1) Local Climate & Weather2) Cost Of Living & Overall Affordability3) Internet Access4) Local […]