Airlines Industry Workers – Give Co-living A Whirl!

People working in the Airlines Industry have a unique lifestyle.  Working as an airline pilot or flight attendant entails many days spent away from home working.  Having layovers in various parts of the world while working gives many airlines industry people the travel bug, giving them tantalizing hints of what it’s like living in exotic new cities they`ve never visited.  The CoLiving model allows airlines industry workers to freely indulge their travel fantasies by offering fully furnished, fully maintained rooms on a short term or long term basis in your favorite major cities internationally.

Here are some of the needs of airlines industry workers and how the CoLiving model meets them.

Living International, Yet Feeling Isolated

One of the most common perceptions about airlines employees is they`re always surrounded by people, have friends around the world, and lead glamorous, international lives.  Yet in a Business Insider article interviewing 80 airlines employees one of the flight attendants said the reality was her life was far from all of this, adding “the (airlines industry) lifestyle can be very lonely.”  It`s totally understandable.  Continually spending short times in cities where you don’t know a soul and don’t have the time for making new friends and then arriving back home to an empty apartment can be a very lonely lifestyle indeed.  CoLiving solves this problem by matching you up with people to live with in your city of choice who closely match your personality profile and lifestyle wants and needs.

Short Commuting Distance From Airport

New pilots in the airlines industry have the lowest level of seniority.  Consequently they may start out “on reserve,” meaning they`re on call, typically for about 20 days each month. They fill in if a pilot is unable to report for duty, or when new flights are required. Reserve duty requires a pilot be available and ready to fly on short notice.  Therefore, your CoLiving space should be a very short commuting distance from the airport you work from.  This allows you to be readily available and arrive on time for all shifts and not waste your precious time on long commutes fighting traffic.

Need For Adequate Sleep Every Night

One of the greatest challenges for airlines pilots can be adjusting to changing time zones and ensuring adequate rest both before and after a long duty day, especially after flying overseas and/or operating at night.  When arriving at a destination, their hotel environment is a critical element to a pilot getting sufficient rest before he or she reports for the next flight assignment.  A very comfortable mattress and a quiet room are absolute musts.

CoLiving For Airlines Industry People

Sociable Living`s CoLiving property at 8 Sousa Mendes Street in Toronto`s West end is absolutely perfect for Airlines Industry personnel working out of Pearson Airport.  It`s located only 100 metres away from the Up Express train, meaning you can arrive at Pearson Airport in only 15 minutes!  The UP Express also gets you to Union Station in only 12 minutes, so you`re just minutes away from Billy Bishop Airport as well.

Our rooms at 8 Sousa Mendes all have extra soundproofing, so you won`t hear the Go and Up Express trains running just outside your window.  Our fully furnished bedrooms also feature brand new, ultra comfortable Casper mattresses so pilots can get all the sleep they need every night and arrive at work fully alert and prepared for duty.

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