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6 Reasons To Consider CoLiving in Coral Gables

Co-living is an alternative to renting an apartment, condominium, or single-family home. At the time of this writing, Coral Gables has not seen a rapid influx of affordable co-living spaces; however, that will soon change if it hasn’t already. This new trend is catching on fast, here are six reasons to consider co-living as a viable option for housing.

  1. Basic Needs, in addition to Housing, Are Met.

    • When you decide to rent an apartment or a house, only your need for shelter is satisfied. As civilized humans, we have additional requirements that require attention. Once our residence is secured, we need to set up utilities, ensure a fully stocked fridge and pantry, take care of laundry, maintain the property, cook food, and more. When you opt for co-living, all those items are conveniently taken care of, so you’ll never have to worry about them. Imagine a life where you’re independent and have all the luxuries of living with mom and dad without the family hassles.

  2. You’ll Meet Like-Minded, Life-Long Friends.

    • Becoming part of the Coral Gables co-living family means that you’ll integrate into a group of people that have similar interests and personalities like you. You and your roommates are screened to ensure safety and comfort for all parties. Like minds think together and have the potential to create amazing achievements.

  3. Affordable Alternative to Traditional Renting

    • Renting comes with a variety of hidden costs and fees. There are many reasons why it’s probably a better idea to opt for convenience when it comes to looking for a place to live in Coral Gables. When you rent a residence, the market rent is subject to increase every six months or every year. Sometimes, the landlord requires you to pay for maintenance, such as pool service and lawn care, if you’re renting a house or townhome. There are also hidden costs of renting, such as losing your deposit or being forced to vacate early.

  4. A Steady Supply of Fun Activities and Events

    • Sociable Living offers a steady flow of community events and mixers. Get to know your roommates who reside in other areas of the co-living complex. We engage in activities such as sunset yoga, karaoke, soccer, basketball, and more. You’ll no longer have to leave your home and venture out into the world to meet new people and develop relationships.

  5. You’ll Avoid Isolation and Depression

    • Let’s face it; the majority of young Americans are facing alarming levels of isolation, social anxiety, and depression. People are having fewer relations now than they ever have in all of human history. A significant reason for this lies in the fact that we’re always glued to our phones and not making social connections. By associating with peers via coliving in Coral Gables, your mental health will soar ahead of the average renter. Your mind will always engage in intellectual conversations with like-minded co-living peers.

  6. Friends and Big Bang Theory in Real Life

    • Most of us tend to associate with television characters as if they’re real-life friends. Imagine having your own, real-life version of ‘Friends’ or the ‘Big Bang Theory’ play out every day before your eyes. Instead of being a viewer, become an actor on set and relate to real-world people. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Affordability has been a wide known issue in South Florida and Coral Gables for over a decade. Now we can hack the system with co-living solutions. Learn more by visiting .

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